Here’s What Travel Might Look Like After The COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout, According To Experts

Before, when you booked a trip you probably just took into account where you wanted to go and how affordable flights and hotels were. But in a COVID world, Pastides said, “It’s not simply a matter of wanting to go to New Zealand, but what New Zealand will come up with in regard to possible restrictions. Will there be quarantining, will the vaccine be enough, will you have to be tested on arrival?”

MacDonald notes that in addition to reviewing the rules and regulations of the country you’re departing from and arriving to, you’ll have to consider any stopovers. “You’ll want to know what the rates are in those places and the places where you’re traveling in between.” She said travelers should also consider how many resources the country has to manage the outbreak. For example, some countries will have higher vaccination rates, more testing, and better healthcare than others.

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